Relax and Restore

Sometimes I get caught up in excitement of building this new life and trying to work towards my goals that I forget to just pause, be present and appreciate the moment.

Honestly, it is something I have to work on. I tend to do a lot of my thinking when I am exercising. Which is great, I’m usually in a really positive headspace and my thoughts are productive. But, I’m finding that because I’m not just focusing on one thing, the great ideas get lost in the music, the feeling of my body working or even just the sun on my face.

For me Yoga is a great combination of the two. I get to move and work on my strength and flexibility. But I also find that it really encourages me to press pause. To focus and relax.

I have been finding meditation to be really challenging. However, I do know that it takes practise and it is something that I would really like work on. Long term I think that it would be an Ideal way to focus on being present and appreciating the moment.

I know that life is a process and I just need to keep trying.

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