Feeding Your Mind

Since coming off all of my medication and working towards rebuilding my life, I knew a good place to start would be with my body. So I started to nourish and repair myself will a clean, balanced and nutrient dense diet.

Having had issues with my eating in the past, I still sometimes find myself worrying and being overly cautious about my diet. However, I knew in order to fuel my body and mind on my new journey I had to stop restricting and obsessing and start healing from the inside out.

I really enjoy creating new recipes that are nourishing but also taste good. Experimenting has been a great way to find out what works for me. This has really helped me to build a healthy relationship with food and to find a better understanding and respect for my body.

I really believe that eating a well balance diet and starting to feel better physically is helping me to move past the poor self image that I have struggled with. I found that having the energy to accomplish my goals has really improved how I view myself.

I feel passionately that feeding my mind in this way will help me to continue to improve my life.



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