Temporary emotions

“Feelings are just visitors…let them come and go.” – Mooji

Today seems to be one of those days where I find myself struggling with two ‘house’ guests who I have come to recognise as doubt and insecurity.

I’m still in a place where I feel grateful that I am able to connect with these feelings. However, I won’t pretend I enjoy seeing the path that I am travelling suddenly seem to get a whole lot steeper.

This quote helps me appreciate that these feelings…the ones causing me to doubt myself, they are only temporary.

It is important that I not allow myself to make a home for these emotions.

Another quote which I have found helpful today is,

“If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.” -Unknown

In the past I would often make my mood and situation worse by mentally punishing myself. I still can’t explain why in these moments I felt that taking a small amount of control back, it might have helped in some way. However, deep down I knew it wasn’t going to improve my state of mind. Ultimately it would only prolong my struggle. Bringing guilt into the equation only seemed to help it to gain momentum.

In hindsight, I have learnt that this state of mind does not mean that we are weak and need to punish ourselves. I believe these moods affect us because we are mentally exhausted. In those moments we allow ourselves to be bullied by those ‘visitors’ who we did not invite in.

Know they are visitors; they are not guests, and we do not have to entertain them or accept how they make us feel. Find your strength and believe that you can continue to move forward.

I have found that these emotions feed on negative energy. Let them go hungry as they watch you regain your confidence and believe that you are able to move into a better mood and a better day.

The next quote really supports and encourages this way of thinking, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford.

It helps me to believe that I will always be the one in control of how I react to my emotions. That responsibility initially may seem insignificant, but I promise you, knowing you have that power, at the very least will help you to build your strength. In time my hope is for you to feel a sense of freedom.

Today that strength has made my mind a rather uninviting place for those ‘visitors’.

The other-side of a negative mood will always remind me not to take anything for granted, to acknowledge that I am still on this journey, to be aware that sometimes it may get a little steeper. But, as long as I continue to move forward and gain strength from the challenge, the pace and the distance gained are not what is most important.

The saying “Two steps forward and one step back” is not a negative for me. It is still one step forward and one step closer to achieving my goals.

My hope for this entry is to encourage you to try to acknowledge your feelings and emotions as visitors. Our time frame will always vary, but please believe in yourself. Try not to dig. Try to be patient. That alone takes strength, use that strength as your armour.

In time my hope is for you to come to realise that it is the negative emotions that are weak. Your strength will intimidate them and they will not want to make a home alongside you.


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